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Fred Brown




As a social entrepreneur,  Fred Brown founded Unity Consultants (UC) in 1997 with a focus on addressing gang violence and bridging vulnerable youth with academic pathways that transform their lives.  In preparing for the 21st century global change, UC began to shift its paradigm,with the goal of connecting vulnerable populations with resources that prepare participants to emerge into the 21st century as skilled practitioners, organizations, and citizens.  Serving as a 21st Century Environmental Justice Leaders, UC used community-based resources to act as a transformational bridge, shepherding organic organizational growth. 

Our team of professionals review broken systems, creating strategies that enhance operational capacity; leading to stronger institutions and improved neighborhoods through a lens of sustainability. 

In 2013, UC restructured, acquiring new partners, Cynthia L. James and Dana Lance. Our partnership deepens Unity Consultants' service offerings with skill sets in the following sectors; education, post secondary education, conflict resolution, cultural competency, organizational leadership and analysis, economic development, land use, strategic planning, sustainable design, small business development, community organizing, project management, environmental greening principles and grassroots leadership. We are excited about our continued development, ensuring that we offer the very best talent available to service you – our client.

Unity Consultant’s purposeful approach to problem solving is grounded in real world experience.  As our long list of successful clients may attest, we work hard to make certain that our recommendations for you are pragmatic and sustainable. We take your success very personally, it’s not just business.

Unity Consultants