South Piedmont Community College: The Male Minority Mentoring Program (IMPACT)

The focus of project IMPACT is to address systemic academic and social issues that influence the overall success of African American Males in post secondary environments.  Identified students that exhibit at-risk tendencies based upon a risk assessment scale will be enrolled in project IMPACT whereby there risk indexes will be supported by: Peer Mentoring, Coaching, Academic Support, Cultural Exposure, Internships, Workforce Development Experiences, and Counseling.  This holistic approach will enlist the support of a community-based collaborative to provide brokered services, partnerships with the business community, and local spiritual community that will work in conjunction with the aforementioned college support matrix.  Project IMPACT is a solution oriented initiative that seeks to enhance the student’s intrapersonal and interpersonal growth by interfacing students with hands on practical skills that are immediately transferable into real world work experiences. 




GTECH engaged Unity Consultants in 2014 to help inform our organization's growing investments in human capital.  Unity's comprehensive approach to stakeholder engagement, deep knowledge base and clear commitment to our success enabled a process that allowed for a new frontier in how we approach our work.  Results were strategic in nature but grounded in pragmatic application reflecting the team's dynamic and diverse competencies.  

Andrew Butcher, Co-Founder & CEO


K.R.J. Enterprises

As CEO/President of K.R.J. Enterprises, a company that vets mentoring to at risk inner city youth through landscaping services, I have found my relationship with Unity Consultants to have been a vital part of our growth and engagement with other leaders within the community. I have spent 3 years under the mentorship of Fred Brown, Owner of Unity Consultants. It has afforded me insight to green technology and its effect to our environment on a micro and macro level, the development of my own leadership skills and the skill levels of other leaders within the company through leadership training classes, and redeveloping the structure of my labor force to maximize any current and future productivity potential in the market place. I highly recommend Unity Consultants for any of your professional development needs!  

Kipp Randall Jackson CEO/President


Operation Better Block

As a team, Unity Consultants has been able to guide our organization to help us further our mission.  Initially when working with us, their approach was to not have any assumptions but to gain a true understanding of how we currently operate, what our needs are, and how we want to move forward to be more successful in the future.  Their strengths based approach was beneficial to us because it allowed for us to recognize our assets and then build off them.  Additionally, throughout the trainings, a component of team building was always present.  This created an environment where we were learning and growing as individuals but also using what we learned to contribute to the greater good of the organization.  Unity Consultants committed to doing individual interviews as well as group trainings so that they could accurately make recommendations for assisting us in moving forward.  As an organization, we greatly benefitted from their program evaluation expertise, assistance in streamlining and updating policies and procedures, and helping us to operate more efficiently as a team.  Unity Consultants was truly invested in our success and desired to see our organization excel as well as help us grow as individuals. 

Demi Kolke, LSW
Community Development Coordinator


Check out what our consultants are doing!

The Pittsburgh Black History & Culture Series

In February 2015, Unity Consultants partnered with The Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh, McCauley Ministries, and Clean Slate e3 to host a showing of The Pittsburgh Black History & Culture Series Documentary. This documentary was student-led and utilized indigenous research methodology to gather facts and occurrences of Black History in the Historic Hill District neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The event was held at the Jeron X. Grayson Center. Visit the link below to view the documentary:


LA Kids and the Pittsburgh Downtown Paternership's "BetaBurgh" Program

Our consultants have partnered with The Kingsley Association to create an initiative called, "LA Kids," or "Land + Art + Kids," and have were awarded funding from the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership's BetaBurgh Competition in March of 2016!

"LA Kids is an initiative that provides experiential education in renewable energy, community sustainability, construction, and art design for Pittsburgh Public School students in grades six through twelve. Students combine their technical knowledge with art design to construct solar energy artwork that educates the larger community on the importance of our collective role in conserving the earth’s resources with real world applications.

For BetaBurgh, LA Kids will build a solar powered art-installation that will also provide free charging stations for mobile devices. The artwork will be comprised of reusable materials from Construction Junction and LA Kids will work with a local solar energy manufacturer to install solar panels. The sculpture will be a smaller version of a concept they have submitted to the 2016 Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) competition in Santa Monica, CA"



Drafting Dreams

Understanding the importance of diversity in all professions and given our consultant team member's experience in the professions of architecture, urban design, and design related STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) fields, Unity Consultants has launched Drafting Dreams, an educational service that educates students Kindergarten through 12th grade on principles of architecture and urban design, through creative design exercises and design curricula.

The mission of Drafting Dreams is to inspire the next generation of design professionals and to increase women and minority interest and participation in design professions. Drafting Dreams seeks to impress upon students, their parents, and their educators the importance of design education. Through design education, students learn the design process that brings about the places they interact with daily. Students are also exposed to decision-making processes that involve the built environment. This exposure will equip them to be able to influence progressive and necessary changes in their built environment as needed as adults. Visit the link below to learn more about Drafting Dreams and how your organization can partner with this program!


Unity Consultants